Monday, July 16, 2012

There's No Place Like Home

I'm back from an incredibly incredible week away...a week where I recharged my batteries and saw lots of fun people and laughed lots and ate some really, really good food.

Among the really great food was a burger at Durty Gurts in Galina, Illinois that I ate in between a day at the dog races in Dubuque and a visit to a basilica in Dyersville.

(seriously.  we did some crazy fun stuff on this trip!)

I started to go through the 624 pictures I took and I can't seem to get past this burger.  

Here's the deets:

1/2 lb burger
jalapeƱo jack
sweet pickles
thick cut tomato
macaroni and cheese
served on grilled sourdough

Yep.  I ate (half of) it.  And loved EVERY.SINGLE.BITE.

Crazy good in a sick, sick way.


Flying was easy this time around and I am fairly quick at recombobulating after I discombobulate...and I love that the Milwaukee airport has a specific area for that.


I arrived home just in time to watch my #25 (he's wearing his big brothers number, which I find very, very cute) play some great defense against a HUGE kid.

Brian completely shut him down.  That's my boy.


I'll be little house looked a bit rough around the edges when I walked back in after being away.  Nothing a little momma TLC couldn't take care...and personally, I like that they need me.

It's good to be home.


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