Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ups And Downs

My day today was a roller coaster.  

Without the cotton candy.  

Just ups and downs so drastic it made my stomach hurt.
(pumpkins at the market were $2 each!  My neighbor and I stocked up!)


We found out on Friday when trying to book an appointment for his behind the wheel test that Alex's driving permit had expired four months ago.  Let me repeat that:  FOUR MONTHS AGO, Alex's permit expired and we had no clue...which means that he has been driving for FOUR MONTHS without a permit.

We're good parents.  Aware.  On top of things.  Smart.


This morning we went to the DMV on a Monday morning in Southern California with about 8 million other people so that he could retake the test.  Turns out we had fun, just me and him, chatting about really strange stuff for two hours.

And, thankfully, he passed.
(she has her Fall make-up on)


A call from my work about a mistake I made.  It was a mistake.  I apologized and fixed it.  No one was killed or put in harms way or sued...but the phone calls about the issue kept coming.  As did the insults.


I was then told that 'these things happen when you hire incompetent people.'

Meaning ME.


Swallow THAT pill.
(an american version of panforte...YUM)


Macaroni and cheese.  And not the kind from the box.


A visit to Sonic for a diet cherry limeade with a real cherry and a real lime in it with their really fabulous funky ice.
(so many new things to list in the shop!)


The engine light in my car.  On.  Of course.  Cuz we are rollin' in dough right now and can afford every single thing that is coming our way.  Not. Even. Close.


Every evening, that guy that I like so much and I have been walking around our neighborhood, wine glasses in hand.  We always end up pausing in front of our little house, all 1282 square feet of it, and thanking God for such a happy little house.  It's not big or mighty, but it's us.

(boy cousin love)


The X Factor.  We are LOVING this show.  

Dear Simon Cowell,
I am sorry to tell you that I am happily married but if ever I am not, please marry me.
Love, Me.


Baseball keeps pre-empting it.

(the leaves are turning!)


It's Autumn, baby!



  1. Love the pumpkins!!! Wish I could find some for $2! And the little house is looking so cute in her fall get up. I LOOOOOOVE Fall!

  2. I'm sorry, but Simon Cowell is taken. He belongs to me...and I don't share.


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