Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jury Duty

I am currently Juror #9.

Because obviously God thinks I don't have enough on my plate.

The 'random' computer picked my name and into the courtroom I went.

Not just the courtroom, but straight up to the jury box.  They interviewed me and I proudly stated that I support the American judicial system; however, I enjoy supporting it from my home where my children and all their laundry lives.

I also stated (and my father-in-law just might want to stop reading here) that if everyone just stopped talking so much, we could be in and out of here in an hour and on our happy way.  That 3 days of 'he said, she said' is crazy...I'm a mother of a bunch of boys and the one thing I try and teach them is that it is not all about them.  That the good Lord didn't put them on this planet alone, but with other people, so swallow your pride and move on.

I thought that would get me off.

Instead?  They slapped me on that jury faster than the speed of light.


Some people totally dig this stuff...though I have a feeling that those people aren't trying to figure out how to get kids to the dentist and orthodontist and the eye doctor while sitting on a jury.

And how am I going to get Brian to the dentist on Monday afternoon...and takers?  =0(

I have to say, it is quite fascinating to see how our judicial system works.  

I also have to say that if this were on TV, we would've been in and out of there in 2 hours, including commercial breaks.

Instead, it'll take a week.  Or more.

It's SO hard to not shout out, "SPIT IT OUT and MOVE ON!" while sitting there...instead, I chew gum like a a crazy woman.
(took this right before they confiscated my phone)
I am trying to embrace this disruption in my life...though it is not easy.  I keep thinking about everything I am missing...home, my boys, work...but for some reason,  God wants me to spend an awful lot of time sitting.

So I am sitting.



  1. Why didn't I remember to offer my taxi services to your boys when we were driving to Concordia together today?? Guess my mind was on what we were discussing...but I'm totally at your service next week! Monday dentist, for ex. Just give me time & directions - and I'll come early so no one will be late...I'm going to email this too, since it's too late now (10pm) to phone. Ciao, Gwen

  2. I'll take him to the dentist! But, it would be a very expensive dentist appointment, as you would have to buy my plane ticket! I've never sat on a jury before, but my dad was on a jury for a murder trial.

    Any why are you taking photos inside the courthouse? Pretty soon you'll end up in trouble.......


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