Monday, November 19, 2012

What's Been Up Lately

I got a new phone last week which is kinda fun...especially since there is NO learning curve.  That's my favorite works just like my old phone.


I trained someone new on a rather sweet corner.  How cool to say that you live on Memory Lane?  And while it looks pretty, it was sooooo windy.  Oh, and I was training someone in Spanish and learned that ojos means eyes and osos means bears...good to know because you definitely want to keep your eyes on the crosswalk and not your bears.

Dear Senor Torres,  I apologize for not paying attention in your class.  Sincerely, Miguelita.

 Brian is training at a new to us facility in Huntington Beach and as I sat in my car for the 1 1/2 hours waiting for him, I started wondering how many hours I have spent sitting and waiting for boys in my car.


Brian (right side, red shorts, grey sweaty shirt) has the nickname 'bull dog' on the court.  Turns out all those years of fighting off big brothers has given him invaluable skills on the basketball court.  


A late night supper with that guy that I like so much...a rustic form of eggs benedict.  Toasted bread, poached eggs, roasted asparagus and homemade hollandaise.  Delicious.

I married well.


Church on Sunday morning found us in the balcony because I had to leave one boy behind...he would not get out of the shower and I hate to be late.  Kinda nice that church is less than a mile away and he could come meet us...but I don't like getting there with no time to spare.  I need a few minutes to settle in to have a quiet minute or two with God once I sit down.

It all worked out....turns out the view from the balcony rocks.  So did the sermon, which my middle son (the one I left at home and who arrived 6 minutes after the rest of us) felt spoke directly to him.  


After church we squeezed in one last hug with our bestest friends from Colorado...I figured out we have 9 different ways that we could become related, if only some of our offspring would just figure it out.


Sunday night supper...stuffed peppers. 


I also took a long, hot bath and read a whole library book.  

It's the little things, you know.

I am so excited for this week...I'm on vacation!  I've got a bunch of things to organize for basketball season, a few lunches planned with friends, a gift certificate for a massage and a big 'ole bird to cook.

Oh...and boot camp at the crack of dawn.  Not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for that but hopefully I'll be able to move afterwards.  


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