Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Very Sore

This morning I helped support a friend who needs to wear a 'mother of the groom' dress in March and went to boot camp with her...because I am a good friend.  And seriously, the only part of my body that doesn't currently hurt are the tips of my fingers.

Two things that stuck out to me during the hour of torture:

1. When your girlfriend tells you 'don't look at the clock', DON'T look at the clock.  I almost cried when I saw that only 15 minutes had passed and I was already out of breath and drenched with sweat.

2. I never EVER thought I'd be relieved to hear the cute young flexible drill sergeant say 'take two laps' because for reals, running caused me less pain than the other things she had us doing.

But hello!  I did it!  It wasn't pretty, but I did it!  Is the 30 days over yet?


After I showered (not easy when your arms feel like lead weights), that guy that I like so much and I headed to Costco along with every other person who currently lives in Orange County, California.  Gotta love Costco and holidays.  We bought a wide selection of things...all new Christmas lights (expensive, but we are making the switch to LED which will hopefully save me some money?), lemons, ground beef and a pumpkin pie.

The pie was put into the fridge, where pumpkin pies are supposed to be kept.  We headed out for a coffee and a basketball game and came home to the above picture.  My middle son came home from school and helped himself.  Brat.  In our house, if it's not marked it is considered fair game...turns out I forgot to say do NOT eat the Thanksgiving pie before Thanksgiving.

Oh well.  There are worse things in life than an extremely happy (and full) 18 year old.


I think one of my favorite parts about that guy that I like so much being on his soon to be ending Sabbatical have been the afternoon coffee dates.  Real mugs, California sunshine and 15 minutes of vegging.


Today we sat (and I almost didn't get up thanks to my morning torture session) and then went to Brian's basketball game.  I've been in mourning...last year was so fun and this year I just haven't felt up to meeting anyone new, but I bit the bullet and have realized that this next 4 years is going to be fun, too.



I am headed for a long, hot bath and trying not to think about the fact that the drill sergeant is waiting for me in the morning. 


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