Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tonight We're Home

Our little house on our little street is all decked out in her Christmas finery...but the best part?  The day after Thanksgiving when that guy that I like so much was up on the roof, lots of neighbors (rather begrudgingly, I might add) decided to follow suit.

So now it's safe to safe that our little neighborhood on our little street is all decked out in her Christmas finery...all while spreading guilt to those that have chosen to not yet hang lights.


I hit the ground running on Monday morning and while I felt rested from having a glorious week of, I am now back to my early morning wake up time.  BUT, I am thankful.  Tired, but thankful.

Yesterday, that guy that  like so much and I embarked on the beginnings of 'gotta start this Christmas shopping at some point' and also grabbed a little lunch.  We have a sweet spot right near our little house called Mustard's and they have the best sandwiches and salads (and a tomato soup that is to. die. for.) and also a cute outdoor area to that's where we sat and shared an apple pecan salad and a proscuitto, sun dried tomato panini.


Hello, basketball season!  This week, 5 games in a pre-season tournament in Huntington Beach.  Next week, let the fun begin.  Brian (#25, in his older brothers jersey/number) is having fun...and so are we.  It's different this time around...we're a LOT more chill about the whole thing.

But's early.  I'm sure that will change.


I nearly tackled the UPS man who delivered the last shipment of last years Christmas gift...I'm sure hoping I get the exact same thing this year.

Dear Guy That I Like So Much,
You got that?


We had a calendar synching meeting at the table last night and I found myself holding my many games, concerts, parties can one couple have in a one month period of time?  And he's on sabbatical...yowza!  It's going to be a fun ride...and a busy one!  


Tonight is a home night.  I'm making meatloaf and homemade mac n cheese and fresh green beans.  I'm taking a hot bubbly bath.  I'm watching a show or two from an almost full (so many Hallmark movies, so little time) DVR.  

Big plans, I tell ya...big plans.


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