Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Monday

I took my work car through the car wash and she looks so purty and shiny and sparkly.  It's taken awhile, but she feels like mine now and I love how she drives.  Still minus a stereo and a drivers side window that rolls down (unless you have someone to manually pull it up again) but the pluses far out weigh the negatives.  

One of the most fun things about that guy that I like so much being on sabbatical have been the morning coffee runs...the ones where we order our drinks in mugs and sit and chat for awhile.  I am going to miss this time once he goes back to work in January.  A lot.

My drink, in case you're curious, was a sugar free mocha, non fat, with a squirt of caramel pecan syrup.

So very, very yummy.


Matthew has been sick and he lives far away.

I don't like.  At all.


His sense of humor though?  Always spot on.  Even when he is sick.

That guy that I like so much was backstage with Kristin Chenoweth last night and sent me a picture of her dressing room door.  He's got a cool life, I tell ya.

I, on the other hand, was home on the couch.  Just me and my cat, fighting over the remote.  I won, which meant we watched hour after hour of House Hunters International.  Maggie, the cat, wasn't so thrilled.


My day ended with a long, hot bath because I am happy to announce, it is bath season.  I love nothing more than to soak in a yummy scented tub full of almost scalding water.  Never during the summer; only during the winter.

Throw in a candle or two and an easy read (think Danielle Steel) and you have my idea of the perfect night.  


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  1. OMG...Kristin Chenoweth?!!!!! Kate has some longtime friends she met on Kristin's old Glitter fan site. Yes, she met some girls online while she was in middle school, then met them in person at many Wicked performances over her middle school years, and still regularly sees them in college. Some day we would love to hear her sing in person!


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