Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Warm and Thankful

Gas prices in the the midwest are definitely more manageable than gas prices out west.

Like $1.00 a gallon more manageable.

I was all set to move back until the temperatures dropped below 40 degrees.  Turns out I like toasty toes and fingers and all things sunny and warm.  Call me a wimp and I'll just nod and smile.


I would just like to publicly state that I have the cutest baby cousin in the world.

Yep.  I do.


Last weekend we went to a place called Pappy's for bbq in St. Louis.

Man, was it ever good.  That guy that I like so much now wants a smoker...and I want him to have a smoker.  We neeeeeed a smoker.

I cannot stop thinking about those finger licking utterly deliciously smoky ribs.  SO YUMMY.

I'm feeling extremely thankful...thankful for fun travels and thankful for coming home.  Thankful for the sunshine and for new workout clothes.   Thankful for clean laundry and for coffee with a girlfriend.  Thankful that Costco sells garbage disposals as well as milk and eggs and toilet paper.  Thankful that the aforementioned garbage disposal broke before Thanksgiving and not during Thanksgiving.  Thankful for clean laundry and for a secret stash of See's candy that no one else knows about.

Thankful for this time...the right here and now that God has given me.  


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