Friday, November 2, 2012

Highlights of the Week

Halloween decorations...the black kitty is just a bonus.  Don't worry, we lock her up on trick or treat night.  Also, total parental fail...we bought not one real pumpkin this year.  I meant to and forgot and no one asked.  Kinda sad but kinda not.

In Hungary they drink this stuff called Palinka...a shot of this and you'll grow quite a few hairs on your chest.  You can only buy it there...a friend lovingly brought us home a bottle and so we toasted to good 'ole Martin Luther and his fabulous theses.

Following shot number two of the above mentioned liquor, we began taking self portraits and texting them to everyone we know. 

We're just weird.


Disneyland on a beautiful autumn day.  


I had a moment of 'if I don't eat something right this minute things are gonna get ugly' moment...thankfully there was bacon wrapped grilled asparagus right around the corner.


Did I already mention this?  74.1 miles in October.  I was blessed with beautiful weather...November brings a time change and a clicky hip so I'm not sure if this will be repeated.  

I did do 4 1/2 miles today so I'm off to a good start.


Today is All Saints Day and so I ducked into a little Catholic church for a few minutes of prayer time early, early this morning.  As I was sitting there so many were wandering in just long enough to light a candle, say a prayer and leave.  It was so peaceful and lovely and exactly where I needed to be and what I needed to be doing.  I love moments like that.


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