Thursday, June 28, 2012

Timeless Friends

Our little garden is slowly being reintroduced to summertime life...not that it was completely asleep over the winter, but the evenings are a bit warmer so we are spending more and more time enjoying the nighttimes out there.  The older we get, the more we love what that little garden represents...the simplicity and the chance to step away and spend time with people we love in a non fussy, quiet, serene place.

Last night our friends from afar (ok...they live like 3 blocks away, but it seems afar!) wandered over after supper and we spent the evening in the garden, drinking wine and catching up to date on life.  I love friendships that stand up to time...the kind of friendships where you don't have to stress about whether or not they'll be upset that you haven't called them for a year but embrace and get excited when you finally did pick up the phone.

No guilt kind of friendships are the best.


We met when our kids were young and so were we....somehow they've stayed young and we haven't.  Must be the aloe they drink out of shot glasses every day...note to self:  buy aloe and guzzle it down.


I am slowly settling into the new normal for our little house on our little street...a normal that involves having two adult children living at home.  I'm trying to be cool with letting them just be...with not peppering them with questions about every little thing they are doing and who they'll be with and where they'll be.  

And I'm failing miserably.  


How do you just stop being a mama bear just because they've decided to grow up?  I was seriously just getting used to this whole parenting of teens bit and now the rules are being changed yet again.  

Ah well...we still have one more coming up in rank, so the fun continues!

So far, summer and I are getting to be real good I was ever worried that would happen?


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