Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Joy

Dear Summer Vacation,

I love you...please don't ever end.



I have crammed as much as possible into this week...some fun, some just necessary, with the hopes of just getting much of it out of the way.

We've been to dr.'s and dentists and colleges and camps and lunches with some friends and happy hours with others and cleaned out lots of nooks and crannies finding lots of of nifty things along the a big 'ole wasps nest on top of the outside freezer.

And it's only Wednesday of Week 1.

Next up?  Work my way through the 1,000 email messages in my in box that I saved as new until I had time to respond.  Ouch.

But guess what?

I have time now.


I also took a pile of cookbooks and tagged all sorts of new recipes to try over the summer.

The tomatoes are all ripening at record pace...I've been craving an old fashioned BLT.  You know the kind...the kind with soft white bread and full fat mayo eaten while leaning over the sink.

Those are the best kinds of BLT's.

My poor kitty loves to nap in the summer sun but keeps rolling off the table while she sleeps...sad, but also funny.  And it's true...cats always do land on their feet.


After bible study last night, my vegan girlfriends berry crisp.

One word...YUM.

A few of us are working our way through the study 'Choose Joy''s not a page turner, but there are lots of little nuggets of gold in there that I love.  Things like the tone of Jesus' voice as he was we read it as flat but it was really laced with humor and kindness, which I hadn't ever really thought about it.

Today is full...lunch with a friend I haven't seen in forever and then a small garden party here (after supper) with other friends we haven't seen in...well, forever.   In between?  Lots of laundry.

Lots and lots and lots of laundry.


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  1. I love the crazy shape of that yummy, homegrown tomato!


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