Friday, June 22, 2012

Major Life Events

I can't even begin to explain what this week has been like...other than to just say 'wow'.

Wednesday, while sitting in a football stadium, Pomp and Circumstance began to play.  Normally, it makes me teary eyed but this week?  The flood gates opened.

This diploma?  Well, blood, sweat and tears were involved.  And maybe some hair pulling and arm twisting, too.  Schooling this boy has been....a journey.


It was super easy to spot Alex among the sea of red....if you looked down.  This boy of mine continues to march to his own drum and I pray with all my might that he continues to for the rest of his life. 

 It makes him who he is!!!

These boys...besties since kindergarten.


After graduation (and we stayed was so much fun!) we grabbed a quick dinner because Alex and I had to be back at Grad Night.

I worked the bag room, which meant the crew I was on had to organize and keep track of close to 500 bags...think old fashioned coat check and you'll get the idea.

Sweatshirts in.  Sweatshirts out.  Prizes in. Etc, etc, etc.  Definitely got my exercise going back and forth and back and forth!

The crew?  The Varsity basketball moms!  Our shift was until take an already punchy group of moms, add in the emotional exhaustion of graduation, a broken coffee maker, a late, late night and what do you get?


And lots of it.

Grad Night was the most incredible thing I have ever seen...a full on carnival (complete with food trucks!), a casino, movie theater/lounge, dance floor and games galore.  Wow.  I was absolutely floored...and the kids had such an amazing time!

The next morning...graduation #3.  Safe to say Brian's cheering section was the loudest, thanks to two older brothers who went a little, uh, crazy.

As usual, everyone knew the BuschBoyz were in the house.


My motley crew...all moving on to new adventures.

Matthew will begin his Masters in music performance/conducting in the Fall, Brian is heading to high school and Alex is starting the fire academy in August.  

They are all so different but love, love, love each other and have so much fun together...and to be honest, that is one of my greatest joys.  

Oh, and to top it off?  Yesterday was our wedding anniversary as well...though that was sort of on the back burner.  Not in a bad way, but these celebrations were about the trio above.

They're worth it.


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  1. Many congratulations to you, the boys, and mr. B. such a happy weekend


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