Thursday, June 14, 2012

Party at the Pool

Yesterday my neighbor had a little pool party in celebration of her daughters graduation/ 18th birthday.

It was sunny and warm and the food was yummy (gotta love any party that features a taco cart) and the people were lovely.

And in every picture I took, there was a little Brian head somewhere.  


My baby...he's growing up.  He still does things that I drive me crazy, like telling us (as we sat down to eat our amazing al pastor tacos, one of my favorite things in the world to eat) that he had a band concert that night.


"oh...didn't I give you that note?  I must've forgotten..."

Good thing we like him because I was very annoyed.

In turn, Matthew spent the afternoon allowing us to annoy him thoroughly...which I guess is more tolerable when sitting outside in the sunshine next to a taco cart.

But why is it my boys cannot keep their hands off of each other?  That guy that I like so much, who used to perform the fatherly shoulder squeeze...(the squeeze of death, the boys used to say.  You know the one...the silent 'if you don't stop touching each other I am gonna take you to the car and let you have it' squeeze?) just rolls his eyes now and shrugs his shoulders.

Probably because they are all taller than him now and all he has to mutter very,very quietly under his breath are the words 'I own your car'.

Effective...and true.


Brats.  Each one of them.  But cute, too.


So then we headed to our very last middle school band concert EVER where I spent close to two hours praying that shark on the wall would jump down and swallow me up.  

Oh come've thought the same thoughts at times before.

Home to watch another super hero movie...that guy that I like so much is in total summer mode and I am tagging along because I don't want to be left out, but let me tell you, late nights followed by 6:00am wake ups are making me yawny. 

7 more work days for me...I think I can do it!


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