Monday, June 18, 2012

Just a Bunch of Weekend Stuff

Friday night, after we had eaten supper and washed (by hand, thanks to the fact that my dishwasher is broken until Tuesday) the dishes and had just settled into the backyard, our neighbors popped over with a bowl of apricots fresh picked from their tree.

Wine, a heat lamp, really great tunes (oh my...we have the BEST music mixes) and lots of was just a really great way to end what had been a really crazy week.

Saturday morning I drove Brian to basketball practice at 7:00am (yeah, I know.  on a Saturday, too.), went to the gym and made friends again with the elliptical machine (nursing a shoulder issue, sigh.) and came home and made breakfast...a real breakfast involving hash browns and eggs and bacon.  

All before 9:00am.

So much for sleeping in.

We then did all the house stuff that needed to be done and ran errands that needed to be run and afternoon in the sun with a really good read.

And an ice pack for my not so happy shoulder.


Saturday evening...the 8th grade dance for Brian, Matthew was at a drum corps show and Alex (whose last day of school was Friday) was in and out with his crew of friends.  We grilled pizzas and shared a bottle of wine and broke out the cribbage board for the first time since last summer.

Does that mean it's here?  Summer, that is?

One.  More.  Week.

Sunday followed by presents for the dad, picked out by his boys, and a gourmet lunch involving bread and meat and served on a plate by a smiling wife. 

What more could a man possible need for Father's Day?


More supper was short ribs cooked low and slow all afternoon making the house smell incredible.  

He was also given control of the remote, though once his eyes closed the channel was changed.  Just sayin'.  An evening wii battle of tennis with his boys rounded out the evening (on our new from ebay wii) and I'm thinking it was a nice Father's Day for that guy that I like so much.

These boys of mine are blessed...blessed to have a Dad who not just loves them, but models what a God centered man should be.  He doesn't just preach it...he lives it.

They don't see it yet...they just see their Dad.  The guy who drives and cheers and lectures.  But someday...someday they will.  

Happy Father's Day.


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