Friday, May 11, 2012

What I Did This Week

I'm doing the single mama thing this week (and next, but let's worry about next week next week...) and aside from the $450 dryer repair (on top of the $250 repair last year...makes for a mighty expensive dryer that was already mighty expensive to begin with!!!  BUT...I spent 6 hours on the phone with LG yesterday because this new repair was caused by the certified tech they made me use for the last repair and he did the repair wrong, it looks like I'll have that cash back in my pocket...) it's been a relatively quiet week.

Spent another amount of time with Verizon trying to figure out why that guy that I like so much's phone wasn't working in Europe...turns out they had activated my simcard on my phone (which is boringly here in America, with me) instead of his.

Easy fix.

International data plan?  Awesome.  Time differences?  Complicated.

Matthew in front of the Berlin Wall.  I have a picture of him like this when he was 8 and another when he was 18...and now at 22.  He's a tad bit grown up now.

Mid-week Happy Hour.

Two hours of therapy with really good food.  And beer.


We have been friends forever.

Love friends that you have had forever...forever friends don't need to be impressed, know your kids inside and out and don't judge because they more than likely have one who is similar and make you laugh.  Hard.

Boys off to school and met Katharine for an early morning until we saw a snake.

A big one.  A big, stripy one.  A big, stripy, dead one.

It's back to hiking the mall for me.


Actually, our next 'hike' was Balboa snakes, just lots of young momma's with new babies and very, very low tide.

 Balboa is my happy place but the price tags on those little houses?

Just a little (a million or two) over my budget.

And house last night at the middle school.

Brian played his trumpet and we ate from the Carl's Jr truck and then walked around to all his classrooms.  

What does it say about me when one of his teachers told me he tends to talk too much and my first thought was ''s May' ????  

Instead, I looked at Brian and told him not to talk as much in class, he said 'ok' and we went on our way.  The groovy thing about child #3 is that he far.

I'm glad it's I am in search of Nuggets t-shirts for my boys (not easy to find in Lakers territory, but game 7 is tomorrow night and they are having friends over to watch the game), watering the backyard and planning my garage sale route for tomorrow morning.

Big plans, I tell ya.


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  1. I think it would be funny if Kate's choir and Mike's choir crossed paths in Europe. She leaves tomorrow for 3 1/2 weeks. They will fly into Budapest, and their tour includes concerts in Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Germany (a full week), Prague, France (Nancy and Montpillier), Madrid, and Barcelona. Mike and I are insanely jealous of Kate's life.


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