Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

This weekend:

We finally saw The Avengers, which also involved breakfast out (I LOVE breakfast out) with the youngest child ordering a chocolate shake.  At 9:00am.  His parents just rolled their eyes because they are old.  And tired.  And battle weary.

In the big scheme things, a chocolate shake at 9:00am is small peanuts.


We ate crostini, topped with homemade tapenade and homegrown tomatoes.  Now I just need a goat to make homemade goat cheese.  Don't worry...it's on my Christmas list.

Big bowls of risotto milanese, thanks to a girlfriend who brought me back a million dollar container of saffron from lands far away.  

Prom pictures followed by a date night with friends followed by crazy pictures involving a security camera.

The first hydrangea of the summer season.  My dream would be to have massive bouquets of these puppies in every room of my house.  

New flip flops that scream tourist.

Lots of boys in and out all weekend.  A clean pantry.  An oldest child who is returning home soon from adventures far and away.  A job that is winding down for the summer.  Grilled burgers topped with caramelized onions.  A large pitcher of Sangria.  Fluorescent pink nail polish.  

How was your weekend?  


1 comment:

  1. I had a great weekend! On Sunday night I went with a friend to a little storefront cabaret theater in the city to see Light in the Piazza. I was just blown away by the incredible talent. Some of the cast greeted us at the door in their broken Italian and served us our Italian dinners, and then we were treated to the show. I don't think the cabaret theater seats more than 50 people, so the performers weren't miked...we had their pure voices. All of them had BFA's or MFA's in vocal performance or opera (from Northwestern, the Manhatten School of Music, and several Chicago music conservatories). I saw a larger performance a couple of years ago with some singers from the Lyric Opera of Chicago, but this production surpassed that one, I think because of the intimacy of the theater experience with the strong vocal talent. I would go back again, except all of their remaining performances through July are sold out.

    On Memorial Day we had some of our church small group over for dinner. Since it was really hot (close to 100 with no backyard shade), the 8 of sat sat around the dining room table and ate and laughed for a few hours.

    What a great weekend...and summer is just around the corner!


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