Monday, May 28, 2012

Senior Prom

Tuxes are every day wear in our little house on our little street...every day wear for most of the males who live here.

But for the boy in the middle, the kid who lives in basketball shorts and a-shirts...well, a tux is a super big deal.

Senior prom was this past weekend and it's customary at our school by the lake to take pictures at the lake before.  Hundreds of people gather and it's like old home week...more a party for the grown-ups who haven't seen one another for a long time than for the kids.

 Alex is blessed in the friend department and has lived my dream...the friends he met in kindergarten are the same friends he hangs out with as a senior in high school.

And it's funny...I attended more schools in more places than I can count and because of that know people all over the country.  I thought it was fine growing up but always looked at the lives of my cousins in the midwest who lived in the same house their whole childhood as the ideal way to grow much so that once we planted ourselves in our little house on our little street, I never wanted to move. Not even a block away for a bigger house.  I wanted them to have what I never had.

My boys?  They talk of grand adventures and of moving to lands far and away because they are tired of living in the same place.

Once again I am forced to realize that no matter how you raise your children, it could've been done just a little bit better.  In their eyes, anyway.


Anyway, Alex's prom was held at the Nixon Library and after pictures they all loaded up in the party bus...and I'm pretty sure it was quite the night.

As of yet I am not hearing many details...gotta do a moms night out so that us moms can piece together all the little bits of info we each have.

Child #1 would have given me a few details.  Child #3 probably will, too.  Child #2...not. a. peep.

He and I?  Well, we're cut from the same cloth.  

After the boys were on their way, that guy that I like so much and I headed to Nick's for pizza with our friends...and we had our own little prom, minus the fancy dresses and the funky music.

And after?  A stroll through Home Depot for lightbulbs.

Totally romantic.


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  1. And they are still in the same house. Let's see, it has been 46 years. I would like to move outa here, as IL is so corrupt and has high taxes. But, try to find a job elsewhere. Maybe I should have a midlife crisis and just roam the country!


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