Friday, May 18, 2012

Quiet Around Here

The funny things about not having that guy that I like so much around is how quiet things are around here...funny because he's the quiet one out of the two of us.  But I guess because I don't have someone to not be quiet with makes me quiet...and quiet is good.

But I'm ready for some not so quiet....the fun kind of not so quiet, not the not so fun kind of not so quiet.


I'm a list person...lists in my purse, on the counter, all over my desk.  But last week I entered a whole new arena...I bought a labeler.

I am now a list making cat lady who is labeling absolutely everything in my house.

Too.  Much.  Quiet.


Matthew is in Europe all alone now, having broken away from the group.  Just himself, a backpack, a eurorail pass and well, not much else.  I keep going back and forth on how I feel about this...for the most part I cannot believe how strong and brave and cool he is.  How he is living out part of a dream.  The other part of me is wanting to fly over and hold his hand and make sure he is eating his veggies.

Motherhood truly makes you psycho.


Alex began a new journey last night, too, as a fire explorer at a local fire house.  He got to do fireman kinda stuff and is so excited about it...I was excited about the fact that he had to wear his pants, with a belt, above the hips.

I'm a momma raising a strong willed kid...and saggy pants (not allowed at church and he's good about that) are a battle I've chosen to let him win.

But I'm going to win after all.  Took a fireman to get involved, but that's ok.


Today involves a tux fitting for prom, the window washers are coming (LOVE groupon. why else would pay someone to wash windows?), the dryer repairman is going to put my dryer back together and Brian is getting a new mattress for his bed.  He's been complaining about getting poked by springs on his hand me down mattress and being mother of the year, I thought he was being a little 'princess and the pea-ish'.

Turns out springs are really poking him.


It's also a paperwork morning for me...five more weeks after today until summer vacation.  I think I just might make it....I think?

Also today...tomato poppers.  Cut a cherry tomato in half, drizzle with a little olive oil, kosher salt and pop it into your mouth.  And try not to weep.

If you're with a little blue cheese.

Addicting, I tell ya.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. That's funny about Alex & 'the belt' that him jogging on the trail? I hear ya about 20-somethings backpacking in Europe 'alone' (our Ruth was only 20 when she did it for 6 or 7 weeks & she felt her faith increased with each week: Matthew will, too, no doubt)

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  3. I am IN LOVE with my labelmaker. I had wanted one forever and finally got one for Christmas. It is AWESOME!!!!! yes, it is a sickness. :)


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