Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Continuing To Air

Yesterday was just a normal sort of day...well, as normal as a day can be when 2/5 of my family are 9 time zones ahead.

I was actually having a little pity party...that guy that I like so much is so fun to travel with and I am really missing him,  yet I know this is where I am supposed to be.

But his picnic pictures are just about doing me in.   


(I MUST learn how to bake bread like that!!!!)

Yesterday,  I was reminded that life is short and that my Heavenly Father is running the show the way the show is supposed to be run.

And I'm thankful He decided to let our family's show continue to air and not be canceled..I mean, I feel like there are quite a few good episodes left in us.  But God?  He can pull the plug at any time...and normally I am OK with that.  But yesterday...whew.  Our series could have changed in the blink of an eye.

I'm glad it didn't.

Yesterday, as I was doing laundry at my sister-in-laws house, I found out how quiet a clothes dryer (the million dollar kind like we both have) is supposed to be.

It made me happy for her.  Mad for me.


And why is it so much more fun to do other peoples laundry?

Yesterday,  I had a lovely and super unhealthy lunch with a girlfriend...she actually ordered a salad while I ordered the saturn burger.  With fries.

I was almost too embarrassed to post the picture.  Almost.


Yesterday was a gift...a gift with a big bow on top.

And now yesterday is just that...yesterday.  

And now it's today and while I could be grumpy that it's 3:00am and I cannot sleep, I'm not.  I finally climbed out of bed and am waiting for the water to heat in my cute red tea pot that was a gift from a girlfriend.  3:00am has actually turned out to be the perfect time to text with that guy that I like so much...yet another gift.  My favorite movie in the whole wide world...the movie I have seen no fewer than 100 times, just so happens to be on HBO.  Another gift.  My family...the ones sleeping under my roof, in other parts of the world and in the next town away are all fine.  Some are a bit banged up...but our show is continuing to air.

Same channel, same time.  Many more (hopefully) episodes to come.

It's a gift...and I am thankful.


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  1. Oh, my, we have to talk! What happened 'in the family' on this day? I'm catching up with 11 hour time zone jet lag myself - plus cooking for Ruth's friends (one each day) but how 'bout next Monday, 5/21?


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