Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

There were a lotta boys in and out of this little house all weekend...boys grabbing food and being loud and just being boys.  

Gonna miss all the commotion when Alex and his crew graduate and disperse next month...though they've been best friends since kindergarten, so I'm not sure they'll ever truly disperse.  I'm also not too sure about graduation at this point either (there's an awful lotta senior-itis happening around these parts), so maybe they'll be together for an extra year.

Just kidding.  Kinda.

But the biggest thing that happened this between the watering of the garden and a nap in my favorite addirondack chair in the afternoon sun, was the picking of the very first tomato of the season.

I did what any person would do with the very first tomato of the season...toasted some bread, soaked it in olive oil, sprinkled it with a smidgin of kosher salt and topped it with big slices of the warm from the sun, red, ripe  tomato.

A moment of silence, please.

Other weekend happenings:

A rather expensive trip to Costco where I bought a random assortment of things from a cute new shirt to paper towels to the most amazing salt and pepper pistachios.

Not just salt, but salt AND pepper.

Can't. Stop. Eating. Them.

Also, that guy that I like so much is still hanging somewhere in Europe with a busload of students, so I have a little free time...mainly cuz I have no one to talk to.  Well, unless you count the menfolk who are asking for things...things like 'where's the milk' and 'where's the bread' and 'where'd you put my socks' but who run the moment I ask a question about anything important like homework or prom or chores.  So anyway, while waiting for the dryer repairman to finish up I painted a part of wall greek blue...this from the girl who was recently contemplating painting her whole house white, now felt the need to add this blue somewhere, somehow into my already crazy color pallet.

Whatever.  I'm a girl and I'm allowed.

Too. Much. Time. On. My. Hands.


And no, I don't like it...but because I'm a weirdo, it'll probably stay like this forever.  Or until my sister-in-law comes over and fixes it.

Everyone should have a 1-800-Joanna in their family.


And today, Mother's Day, my boys at home got me flowers (gotta love a dad who plans something even though he is away!) and made me breakfast,  yet another afternoon snooze in the garden and then dinner at my girlfriends house.

It was a nice day.

Happy Mother's Day to both of my Mom's...and to all the women I know who are such amazing role models to me.  I have been blessed by all of you...thank you!


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