Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monday, not Tuesday

I went through most of Monday thinking it was Tuesday, which meant that I did all my Wednesday scheduling for work because it was Tuesday...only it wasn't Tuesday.  It was Monday.  Which means Wednesday is still two days away.

Basically what that means is that I am losing my mind...but then again, that's nuthin' new.

My Monday began EARLY...my phones are required to be on at 6:00am and some mornings calls trickle in, but this morning?  Non-stop until 6:45am when I left the house and drove to a nearby city where the new person I was training was supposed to be trained...only the trainee never showed so the trainer (me) ended up working a corner.

The fun part about just being a crossing guard?  You chat with people and you're outside and you can't talk on the phone...and for me that is a HUGE blessing.

The funner part?  I get paid extra and momma needs a new pair of jeans.


Immediately after working a corner, I ran home and picked up Alex for his dentist appointment followed by coffee with my girlfriend...then home to do all the things that had piled up over the weekend.

And to top it all off,  Matthew performed one last time before he graduates this weekend and then he was awarded the Outstanding Senior Award in Music.  That kid...well, he's a keeper.


Home to two incredibly grumpy and starving boys who instantly forgave me for neglecting them when I carried in a rather large and in charge Nick's pizza.

Pizza tends to make everything better.  

So for a day that I almost skipped over, it was pretty ok...all that was missing was a hot bath, a glass of wine and a pile of magazines.  Sadly, my bathroom has a slight infestation of ants and the thought of soaking in a tub with floating ants is just downright nasty.


Anybody want some ants...they're free to a good home.



  1. I had to laugh at your days-mix-up, because I've done the same here - much less routine means some days blur...Please tell Matt I totally agree with whoever judged the music seniors: he has to be the best of the best there - and also in this music teacher's book! How are each of your graduates celebrating?

  2. Had to laugh at your day-mix-up because I did the same recently: the simpler my routine gets, the more the days blur.
    Please tell Matt he is definitely the Best of the Best at Concordia - and also in this music teacher's book! How are you celebrating all 3 graduates?


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