Monday, June 20, 2011


Recuperating from the weekend.

Friday to Sunday...SEVEN basketball games.  
(my Alex is red #25)
 In between traipsing between three different gyms, we drove an hour to watch Matthew's drum and bugle corps sneak preview.

All was fine except my mind...the most rickety looking stadium ever.

And of course we had to carry our spaghetti dinner (included in the ticket price) all the way to THE VERY TOP, where you could see up close and personal how dilapidated the wood planks really were.

Their show is fun...can't wait to see all the fun touches that are yet to be added.  Things like guard uniforms and flags and all the pretty stuff...but the music is fabulous!

My very, very, very tan and grown up boy.  And his friend.


This is what Brian looked like after being dragged to all of his brothers activities.  The joys of being the youngest!

 Father's Day weekend was perfect for that guy that I like so much cuz he got to see his boys do all the stuff he loves so much.

But then it got better.

I made him tiramisu.

It was the least I could do...he is a good dad after all.


Can someone (anyone?) PLEASE tell me why every single time I make it, when I add the mascarpone to the eggs it gets all curdly looking????  So frustrating!  Does anyone know why?  
See?  Curdly?  Still tastes OK...but looks icky!

 And then this morning came.  I woke up early and got dressed to go to the gym, woke up a very sleepy Brian and drove him across town for the first day of music summer school and once there realized (when we were the only car in the parking lot) that it doesn't start until next week.


So the gym went out the window and donuts came in.


Tomorrow...we sleep in.

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