Monday, June 13, 2011

Crazy Mother

This weekend was packed full of really fun happenings and one episode of awful mothering involving these shoes:

On Sunday morning I was already grumpy because I am once again a single mother in church (and not thrilled, in all honesty.  Sorry God.  I'll try and have a better attitude while my husband serves in a different church this month.) and while encouraging the boys out to the car five minutes behind schedule, Brian mentioned that he needed new shoes.

Having just bought him new (rather expensive) shoes 7 weeks ago (and being five minutes behind schedule), I blew a gasket.

The kind of gasket that only an overwhelmed (and five minutes behind schedule) mother can blow.

And after I had completely crushed his spirit (SIGH.  Just keepin it real.) I noticed the holes in the bottoms of his shoes.


He got an apology AND new shoes after church.

And his favorite dinner.

And I got yet another lesson in 'think first, speak second.'

You'd think I'd learn.


  1. To my dying day I will say that Satan works the hardest on Sunday mornings. As a child in a churchworker family and as an adult, both churchworker and not...oh...Sundays are Satan's playground. All that to say, Roger that. You're not crazy, really. Just goes with the territory of being a Christian and trying to get to church on a Sunday morning. I'll get off my high horse now...;)

  2. Worn out gym shoes in 7 weeks? Time for a refund from the manufacturer!


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