Sunday, June 5, 2011


Ready to meet my houseful?


My middle son, Alex, is responsible for 90% of the gray hair on my head...but at the same time makes me laugh.


(and cry. hard. and pray. harder.)

He shaved all his hair off this afternoon after his game...I told him it was the last haircut for awhile because Senior pictures are scheduled for July and I'd like him to have a few blond hairs on his head when they are taken.

He then wanted his Grandpa to know that he was wearing a belt.  

On purpose.


He's tall, this 17 year old boy of mine, and at over 6' and he's got muscles on top of muscles...not bad for a baby that was listed as 'failure to thrive'.  

Raising him?  Not easy, not always fun, but always a blessing.



  1. ahhh boys. I never expected to have two boys. Since I grew up in a house of girls I just assumed I would have a house of girls. But I am so blessed by this house of testosterone! Although, if they learned to air or sit down in the bathroom I sure wouldn't complain!!

  2. I've got one of those. He's 13. I'm exhausted!! :)


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