Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Gloom

I just can't seem to shake the grumpies.  Not sure why, but they are hanging on to me like the marine layer that has settled over my little house on my little street.

June gloom, they call it.  

Or maybe it's the fact that we are STILL in school until Wednesday and I am just OVER it.  Will it ever be summer?

Despite the grumpies, the weekend was fun.  I ate a rather amazing burger with both pickles and avocado on it.  Sound disgusting?  Yeah, it did to me too...until I started eating it.  Because really, is there such a thing as a bad bbq burger?

My brother in law and sister in law and their littles came to play.  I temporarily forgot about my grumpies while they were here.


Nastiest strawberry pie ever...there was more goop than berries, but then again it was only $5.00.  But wait...we ate it anyway!

My niece Ella when I told her that she could have all the ice cream she wanted.

She liked that.


The next morning, I was channeling my inner Mrs Kravitz and peeping on the new family that is moving into our 'hood (see the big white truck?) and I noticed something in the bird cage by the window.

Turns out the burgler is not playing nice with Ronald McD and the dark haired girl is totally letting the conductor have a piece of her mind about somethin' or other.

Poor guy looks scared. 

Nothing like a little laughter to help with the grumpies.  Though I'm still waiting impatiently for summer sunshine to come our way...but in the meantime, I'll stare at the little people that are trapped in the birdcage.



  1. 1. Glad it's not just me with the grumpies. We've caught them together.
    2. I HATE June gloom. Really. hate.
    3. Glad I'm alone in my office and cubicle...not sure what folks would have thought when they heard my audible response to the bird cage pic. oh...my....funny....

  2. Now to replace the people in the bird cage with something for them to find....


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