Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My oldest son, Matthew, is 21.  

For the life of him, he CANNOT keep a straight face around his mama.

(unless he is mad at me, but now that he only lives here a month or so out of the year, that doesn't happen as often as it used to.)

He lives in a dorm at college and plays trumpet like nobody's business (he's a trumpet performance major) and brings both those things home with him when school is out.

1. dorm room mentality and hours.  ouch.
2. a bazillion different trumpets that he practices. hooray!

He's a health food fanatic.

He cheats at Words with Friends.

This boy cried every. single. day. of kindergarten.

Who would've thought?



  1. Fun intros to each of your boys. But I can't figure out how they 'allow it', ha. (I know, you bribe them with their fav. foods? Didn't know Matthew was a 'health food fanatic' - has that impacted your cooking?)

  2. But he still has those earrings.....


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