Friday, September 11, 2009

A Week In Review

It's been a busy week here in the land of sun.

I rode the ferry from Newport to Balboa (I usually do it the other way around) with a hot tea in hand. While I miss 'my' Boulder at this time of year, I do love the water.

Our DVR (or TiVo....same thing) kept locking up, so off to the cable store to swap boxes. We record so many great, quality shows and I was afraid that I would miss I snapped pictures of our list.

It took 10 sad is that?

That guy that I like so much is out of town and I was informed the other day (by my son...and which one will remain a secret. For now.) that 'ALL other kids get to eat hamburger helper and I've never even had it.'


Mainly because it has more ingredients than I can even count, but that apparently is beside the point. And while we are on the subject of deprived children, my Uncle couldn't believe that my 8 year old son had never had a twinkie.


I'm funny like that.


Tonight I did it. I bought a box of hamburger helper, which set me back a whole $1.25. Added a lb of ground beef and some water and let it simmer. Scooped it into bowls and watched. Waited.

And they hated it it.

It's Friday and the boys survived not only the hamburger helper, but the first few days of school.

Brian spent some of his birthday money on a brand new nerf gun, which Alex tried out on his best friend.


(oh...and as this was happening, the space shuttle flew over and hmmm...let out a sonic boom? Made a sonic boom? Whatever it did...we heard the sonic boom. If you've never heard one it is so scary...especially if you live in earthquake country. But it was very, very cool and did cause the boys to pause for just a bit...which made me happy. So thank you, space shuttle. Well done.)
Gotta love boys.

I know I do. Which is a good thing since I have a houseful.

=0) uploaded in a strange, out of order manner.


The first day of school was fun...especially for all of the moms. I was allowed one picture.

Just one.

And mom? Don't you love the squint?

After the bell rang and I had watched my big 6th grader walk into his class, I sat and watched the kinders walk into theirs...and all the moms were so sad.

Made me a little teary, too.

But then I hopped in my car and visited one of my happy places.

M is in the mountains for the weekend with 48 college students, Alex is at the high school football game and Brian and I are going to make some popcorn (and toss it with some M & M's...ever tried that??? YUM!) and watch a's a toss up between Flubber and The Sandlot.

Tomorrow is a sleep in day.



  1. I will skip the Hamburger Helper - yuck. Instead of Twinkies, I'll take a Ho-Ho (it's chocolate). But, have the boys had swedish flop?????? I guess they wouldn't have tried it, as Michele would have eaten the entire thing by herself.

  2. We had a sonic boom 8 years ago. I was in Target ( shortly after 9-11) and thought the ceiling was coming down. It was some aircraft fighters going after a commercial airline where a passenger wasn't behaving. Most of us in the store left, not knowing what was going on. But the space shuttle would be cool to hear or see!!

  3. My children have never had a flop because it doesn't travel well. =0(
    And you're right...I wouldn't share it anyway. Do they still taste the way I remember? PLEASE say yes!!!

    And the boom was big and loud and shook our whole little house. Fun AND scary. =0)


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