Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Yesterday (Saturday) was going to be a day where I did nothing all day.

M was away at a conference and we had NOTHING written on the calendar...which NEVER happens, so I was going to stay in my jammies all day long and do absolutely nothing productive.


But I ended up getting dressed in the end because all these people I live with ( sons) kept having all these other people come inside (ok...their friends) and I didn't want them telling other people (their mothers...who are also my friends) that I am lazy.

Aside from getting dressed, I played on facebook, paid my electric and gas bills, and started the new Dan Brown book.

Oh...and I fed a bunch of boys lunch, which they ate while flipping between the USC and the Buffs games.

Frozen burgers, of which I have 1,000 because I bought them from Costco...and while they are fast and easy, they don't taste all that great.

But teenage boys don't care.
Cleared out the pantry of all half eaten bags of chips (left over from Brian's party) and an odd assortment of buns, too.
I then made a pear crostada with our fresh picked pears for dessert last night while we watched Duplicity.


I actually have another one in the oven right now for a neighbor who gave Brian a hand me down BMX bike.

A pie for a bike...should be a fair trade, huh?
This morning after church we stopped at Costco for gas...$2.96/gallon. Let me tell you, that is a bargain around here.

I heart Costco.
We then drove around Long Beach for a little bit, trying to decide on a lunch place. I had my heart set on lettuce wraps from Cheesecake Factory but didn't want to spend that much on feeding my hungry guys...not that they aren't worth it, but September is a lean, lean, lean month thanks to all the school start up costs.

So, we drove and drove and found a fun new know, for all the wine that we make.

In the end, we settled on Jack In The Box.

Fries, anyone?
I needed veggies, so I had a teriyaki doused chicken and rice bowl. Not bad. Not very good, either.

But the company was rather fun.
Dropped boys off at home and that guy that I like so much and I headed back out to our local Costco...where gas is $3.03 by the way, and did a small stock up. Then on to Trader Joes for a large stock up.

Everyone is happy, because running out of wine and/or Pellegrino is not a good thing.
I just browned some short ribs and threw them, along with lots of other stuff...including a bottle of red wine and a field of garlic, into the oven to roast the afternoon away. I'm going to mash some potatoes to go along side...the perfect autumn meal on this 83 degree September day.



  1. Michele,

    Nothing...on a saturday with boys and a BIG boy? I DON'T THINK SO! Happy to know you've still got that sense of humor and adventure.....good to know your all well. Steve still workds for State of CO..Stephen is a junior at U of Arisona,,doing a year abroad in Australia, Sarah is in transition program in Boulder Valley and I'm chasing them all. LIFE IS GOOD! Hugs to all!


  2. Wow, gas is expensive by you! I think it was only $2.45 or so this week at Sams Club.


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