Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunny Weather

Palm trees amaze me.

We never, in a bazillion years, would have ever chosen to live here (that guy that I like so much used to tell EVERYONE that he would NEVER, EVER live anywhere in our sunny state) but God likes to keep us on our toes...and look where we live.

The land of palm trees.


The younger boys survived the first full week back at school and I have found that I really enjoy my new job, and especially the flexibility of it. I even worked as a crossing guard myself (since I have to train them, I need to know what I am doing) one morning this week and LET ME TELL YOU, it is MUCH harder than it looks.

Just picture me in a yellow vest holding a stop sign.

That in itself is scary.

You really do have to find a rhythm to letting cars go and buses in and kids who need to cross from 3 different directions.

And let's just say that I never found the rhythm.

But the children all got to school safe and sound and the buses only flattened two of the big orange cones that I forgot to move and no one heard me muttering about what an idiot I am.

And to the woman in the car who flipped me the bird (yep, she did!), have a nice day.

I got in my car and called M, who choked on his coffee when I tried to tell him about my morning. Thanks for the support, honey.


This morning I met a girlfriend for coffee (and ran into a bunch of other girlfriends while there...bonus!), met another friend for lunch and a movie (Panera and Love $6.00 matinees!) and came home in time to sip an iced tea (pineapple tea from Hawaii) on the front porch while waiting for Brian to walk home from school.

Tonight I made buttermilk chicken (soak boneless, skinless chicken breasts all day long in buttermilk, drain and roll in italian bread crumbs. drizzle with olive oil and bake at 425 for 20 minutes) topped with salad. You know, the whole hot/cold thing I am addicted to. Alex had a friend over (they are now night swimming at the is still 80 here) and Brian is fresh out of the shower and watching Suite Life On Deck.

That guy that I like so much has a conference this weekend, but will sneak out early in order to watch his beloved (and oh so bad) Buffaloes play.

My goal for tomorrow is to get dressed.



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  1. You still never shared with the group what happens at an adult swim!


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