Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Post With A Bazillion Topics

My life now (?) consists of nerf guns...
...and darts everywhere.

Holly's birthday present. She's 50 now.

Billy and Holly and fam came for the weekend...we met them at Naples in Downtown Disney for dinner.
And hello? They ended up with the most perfect of perfect children. Hey Emily...can I take your picture?

And she STOPS what she is doing and SMILES for the CAM-ER-A.

Boys...you could learn somethin' from her!
Holly and Michael From The Mountains. It's one of MANY old stories, though the perm story is still my favorite. Or maybe the teacup story.

Oh...and hello? This is what my boys do when I ask for a picture. I sure hope they know that I am NEVER going away. EVER.
My dinner.

Hellooooo Italy.
I got no good pictures of Billy and Ryan.

Though I am pretty sure he'll kill me for this one.

But that's OK.

It'll be worth it.

Two of my boys ordered a ginormous family sized pizza...and ate it all.
My littlest shrub kept getting in the way.
Ahhhh...there it is!
Once again. Sigh. Isn't she perfect?
Noodle cartoons to pass the time.
GREAT hair, btw.
The Liberatore's headed home and M headed back to work and the boys headed back to school and I headed out to lunch with the girls, followed by gelato for some...
...and sprinkles cupcakes for others.

Like me.
This morning on my drive to visit a guard down near Balboa...a perfect autumn sky.

Believe it or not, but I actually cooked a real sit down supper last night (gravy and pasta and meatballs) and I just popped a meatloaf (don't knock it...my boys love my meatloaf. Just not the name. I mean, come on...loaf of MEAT?!?) into the oven...mashed potatoes and fresh peas will be sides. Probably one of my favorite meals (minus the peas...blechhh. But don't tell my children), too!

And farewell Patrick Swayze. Sniff.


  1. WOW. We starred on the BLOG!! Em was very excited!!
    THANKS AGAIN for the wonderful dinner!! I will remember it for EVER....

  2. My mom HATED peas. Hated hated hated 'em.


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