Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day Away

Needing a beak from the heat and humidity (85% humidity, in case you were curious), we loaded the car with our 3 offspring for a day trip to the mountains.

And yes, we had all 3 of our offspring with us. It's a holiday weekend and we were offering free food and air conditioning, plus he is no longer a college freshman...which means he can stop home once in awhile.

Just a week ago the fires had ravaged these mountains, but thankfully stopped just across the street from the orchards.

Just across the street.

Because of mandatory evacuations, they lost a lot of money in the last few we came along to help out by spending my very first ever (n 20 years, that is) paycheck that came in the mail.

How fun is THAT?

Parked the car and walked down the hill to the tavern for lunch...
...and noticed, a little too late, that our little family looked a little, ummmm, rough around the edges.

We've got the oldest, who is sporting bling in both his ears. The middle guy, who did NOT bring along a shirt with sleeves and has REALLY short hair. And the youngest has a mop on his head. An unruly mop at that.

But I love them. Each and every one of them.
We ate tavern food from the civil war era...including the best applesauce ever. And those somewhat green things on the plate...not one of my 'lightly, steamed, please' men folk would touch them.


I grew up with the canned kind and think they are very tasty.

We had the place to ourselves at the beginning, but it gradually filled up.
The big boys played checkers with bottle caps outside the saloon.
Brian was all locked up...and then they left him. But his mama came to the rescue. Of course.
We fed horses.
Picked apples.
And heard a LOUD crack as the fence broke and my oldest was laying on the ground, feet in the air.

But in true hilarious form, jumped right up and declared, "I got the apple...and it's a BIG one!"

Picked pears.
Raspberries, too.

A better look at the fire close. So sad.

We then drove home, via Starbucks (because tavern food is great, but Starbucks is Starbucks), singing the Beatles all along the way.

And you've all seen that, by now.


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  1. We have 78% humidity at the current moment. I got my first paycheck on Friday. It will go towards Christmas, oh, it's not that soon - it's the birthday kids later this week. It's just like Christmas (except for James doesn't get anything....)


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