Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Yesterday we saw a sign on the side of a barn that bragged of this:

So, of course, we had to buy one.
And it rocked.

This morning, this Labor Day morning, we all slept in just a bit and then I made a german apple pancake for breakfast.

Except I forgot the apples.

They're not hard to fact, we have bowls of them everywhere.

Brian is having a birthday tomorrow...and his party was supposed to be at the skatepark, followed by the pool.

Turns out the skatepark is closed tomorrow (guess I should've checked before the invites went out) but we found another one close by. We went to visit and it is even better than our close by one AND has a pizza hut across the it will all work out even better than planned.
11 years ago today I went to the hospital very, very early in the morning and with a team of doctors on stand by, they removed the stitch that was responsible for keeping my little guy safe inside of me for the last 24 weeks of my pregnancy.

Everyone (as in a whole team of doctors) was there waiting...mainly because his older brother had been born in 52 minutes. Flat. And no, I do not recommend that.

But as we all sat there, waiting, my littlest shrub decided that he was happy just where he was. And so he stayed put for another 32 hours.

So, while I labored on Labor bambino wasn't in my arms until the next day.

But that is TOTALLY ok, because if he hadn't come later than planned, he wouldn't have shared a birthday with one of my bestest friends, Holly. Who is, tomorrow, turning the BIG FIVE - OH.

As in HALF of a century.

So to Holly, thank you for being born. Because for the last 24 years, you have been my 'go to' person whenever I need someone to a) make me laugh and b) listen to everything...and I mean EVERYTHING I have to say.

You rock.

And I will forever be glad that you are breaking in those big numbers so far ahead of me.



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  1. sniff
    please do not be so nice
    old people cry at nice


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