Wednesday, September 17, 2008


In a moment of boredom, I painted my kitchen stool black.

Just because.

And I love that new spray paint can with the trigger, so you don't walk around with a black finger for days on end after you use it.

Last nights frittata became last nights omelettes, made by the guy who makes all the money around here. there anything he can't do?

The above were for the under legal age in our house, which they ate as we ran (ok, so we didn't actually run) out the door for the basketball meeting.

Oh my.

Goodbye sanity, hellooo gym.


Needing wine...FAST, we headed to Nick's, where a bottle of chianti was opened for us as we walked in.  We were well fed and walked out an entirely different dwarf than when we walked in.

Walked in grumpy.
Walked out happy.

Sometimes (ok...allll the time) I crack myself up.

Todays plans are simple.


So, grocery shopping is on the list.  Brian has an after school birthday party at the pool at 2pm...he gets out at 1:53pm on Wednesdays.  I need to water my dead garden and plan my winter crops...leaning towards carrots and zucchini and a whole big bed of onions, plus eggplant and maybe even artichokes.

Other than that, it's a pretty quiet day...which means I can read!!



  1. Water your dead garden? We should send you some of the rain we've had this past weekend (something like 6 inches on Saturday). We don't need any more water!!

  2. Finished with Twilight yet? Now you'll have three more books to read in order to find out if Edward makes Bella's wish come true. I'll have to send you some Twilight flair on Facebook. (And down with the new Facebook! Boo!)

    Oh, and somewhere on Stephenie Meyer's website is a partial draft of Midnight Sun, which is Twilight retold from Edward's perspective.

  3. If what happend during the four books are from Bella's perspective then Edward's perspective will barely make a short story!

    "Saw girl... She was hot ... We hung out together..."


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