Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday in September

It's time time!

M is out of town, so #10's cheering section consisted of me and Alex.


All of the above pictures are courtesy of Alex, who says he wishes he could take pictures of himself during his games, rather than the blurry ones that I take.


OH, and he informed me that there is a mother out there in the world who is cooler than me.

Which kind of made me happy because I didn't know that I had ranked on the 'coolness chart' until now.

Anyway, this other mother doesn't laugh at her own jokes...she just tells the jokes and waits for everyone else to laugh.  I, on the other hand, think I am hilarious and crack myself up - his words, not mine, so other people laugh only because I am laughing, but not because I am funny.

I told him I will work on that.

And then I laughed.  He rolled his eyes in the 'see, I told you so' way that only a teenager can do.  It's ok...I can handle 2nd place.

Not much else going on today.  I picked another 2 shopping bags full of tomatoes and will turn most of them into marinara for the winter, plus I've got a pot of roasted tomato soup simmering away...that'll be supper, even though it's a warm day.  I have a whole large bunch of bananas that are over ripe...Matthew isn't home to eat them, so I'm going to turn them into banana bread for the freezer.

Other than that, it is a very, very quiet day.  Almost too quiet, if there is such a thing...


  1. Just remember, we are not laughing with you we are laughing at you!

  2. Hey, I made banana bread today, too.


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