Saturday, September 13, 2008


The joys of Saturday morning...a rather large and in charge cappucino and raspberry coffee cake from the new bakery we discovered yesterday...the one where we bought like 6 different items.

Never go into a wonderfully smelling bakery when hungry.

Or with a German blooded man.


Brian had soccer pictures at one field and a game an hour later at another field, which M did all the driving and cheering for.  I met Matthew and a group of his friends at Costco, where they were in charge of buying all the food for this weekends camping trip/band retreat.

All they needed was my card, so I got them in, did my own shopping and met them at the check-out, where I watched them figure out whether or not they had an even number of hot dogs and buns.  Quite humorous, especially when the chemistry major whipped out her cell phone calculator to figure it all out.


Supper tonight is M's favorite...roast chicken with lots of roasted potatoes and carrots.  With homemade applesauce.  I passed out lots of apple crisp to the neighbors, but there is still just enough left for dessert tonight.  With ice cream.

Let's see...only 40 apples left!



  1. Did you have to pay for the band retreat food, too? :)

    I now have a blogger account. Now to figure it out. Maybe I'll do some craft blogging and see if drives more traffic toward my ebay crafts. My snow angels just got another bid - yipee! :)


  2. ummmmm I thought M's favorite was pork roast w/ succotash...


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