Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Accomplishing Lots...Yep.

I have done absolutely nothing today.

Nothing at all.

Well, I actually think I've done a few was made.  Lunches were made. Beds were made. 

I did take a 3 mile walk with a girlfriend.

And since then, I've done nothing.

I did drink a cappuccino.  I also had an apple and three (yes, 3) 100 calorie cookie packs.  They could've saved the environment by just packaging them as one 3oo calorie pack rather than three 100 calorie packs.

Oh well.

I took a shower.  I worked on my jewelry website.  I pat a cat...or is it petted a cat?  Whatever it is...I did that.  I watched the series premiere from a few weeks ago of 90210.  I called AAA to renew my membership.  I transferred $25.89 into Matthew's bank account because he was at -$25.89 after having to buy music for school and then sent him a nag-gy email about not letting it happen again.  I confirmed our dinner reservations for Friday night.  I sang along with 'In Christ Alone' when it came on the radio.  I put water in a pitcher, added 6 mango maui tea bags and set it out in the sun.


That's what I've done today.


In other exciting news, tonight is back to school night #2 out of 2.  I must say, it is so easy this year having only 2 boys in 2 different schools.  I will also say that I miss having all 3 here, under my roof, and I am wondering if that knot in the pit of my stomach will ever go away.

Anyway, tonight is back to school night #5 (out of 12) at the high school.  12 straight years of high school back to school nights.  12 straight years of the same information.

It's almost too much to handle, so we began tailgating...because life is too short to not have fun and the night is sooo long that we need something to lighten it up.  Which the music families politely thought was silly and which the sports families think is the best thing they've ever heard of.  

And yes, we run with both crowds.


OH, and I borrowed book 3 (of the Twilight series) from my neighbor, so that is also part of why I am accomplishing nothing today...which I personally think is a pretty good reason.




  1. Are you kidding me, you think you did watched 90210, how 'bout that! That's something on my weekly to do list that I consider doing something. Glad you could watch a fabulous and ridiculous show. Thoughts? Comments? Feedback?

  2. Oh wait, I knew I forgot one other thing. I had a 100 calorie granola bar. It was good, but it was missing something...missing 200 calories. Bah! 100 calories just aren't the same.


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