Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just a Bunch of Stuff

I am a bit sleepy because I was up late reading a new book (Twilight) that I could not put down.  Love it.  Hannah, you need to finish that 2nd book quickly because I might need it by, like, tomorrow.


So, my morning time best friend...a ginormous round brush.  Can't live without it.  

Flowers on my front porch...this HUGE thing was only $14.99 at Costco.  Makes me happy.
And this...this razor next to my front porch.  It stays there all the time...24/7.  Kids come by, borrow it and put it back...kind of like the bikes in Amsterdam.  OH, and that adorable black thing is Mollie.  

A belated birthday present...the new Star Wars game for wii.  Brian brought all his friends home from school and they are trying it out as I type.  I'm also eating an oatmeal currant cookie and drinking a diet coke while typing.  Wow.  I'm a multi-tasker.
This morning was the 1st PTA meeting of the school year and I...ummmm...ditched it.  Ditched.  I am co-something-or-another and I let my young co-boardmember handle things.  Sick and wrong, I tell ya, but seniority has its benefits.


I shared a coffee with that guy that I like so much and then drove off to bible study, which I am also liking very much.  It's not BSF, but it's feeding me just the same.  Actually maybe not the same, but in a different, but good way.

Drove to target, parked my car and heard a 'hey, Michele!' from somewhere.  We had just talked about hearing God's voice, though I didn't think it would sound so young and girl-ish...turns out it was my neighbor and her daughter, so I ended up having lunch with them at StoneFire.

I love when things like that happen. 
(and I had the most amazing grilled vegetable salad....mmmm!)

Shopped at Target...I love a store where you can buy a large plastic bin for storing dirt, a composition book, a num-chuk for the wii,  and a new dress (for $16.99) all at the same place.

And a bag of candy corn.


Home to a quiet house.  Cute skirt off, jeans on.  Supper is going to be a roasted asparagus frittata, roasted potatoes and some sort of muffins...or maybe toast with homemade raspberry jam.  Or both.  Has to be easy because I am going to read all afternoon and M and I have a mandatory parents meeting for basketball tonight...where I am sure we will sign our lives away.  


That's OK...I really like that kid, even if he is way taller than me now, and he is worth it.



  1. Ok, so how's the new Wii game? I know it was released today (I have a copy for James for Christmas! I know it will be impossible to get then). I heard there are some new attachments that turn the wii-mote into a lightsaber - I'll have to check that out. Batman Lego comes out next week. I already told Grandma to get that one for James. Have to think ahead! :)

  2. I told you you'd love Twilight!Kate is in love with Edward and rereading Twilight for the umpteenth time. I keep telling her EDWARD IS NOT REAL!

  3. I thought I heard God's voice at a Wendy's once but it turned out to be Elvis!

    Edward may not be real but Buffy the Vampire Slayer is!


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