Thursday, September 11, 2008


Apples on the kitchen counter.

Apples on the coffee table.
And apples on the kitchen table.  I've given lots away, made applesauce and apple butter and tonight will be an apple crisp for dessert.  Or maybe FOR dinner, because the short ribs might not be done at a decent hour due to my late lunch with Amy.  So that is my dinner back-up crisp.  With ice cream.

Speaking of lunches...yesterday I met Alba for a 'splurge' lunch and it was super yummy.  Mahi mahi, smashed potatoes and broccoli.  Can't wait to splurge again!
Back to today.  Watered the garden, visited with a neighbor, dropped off the dry cleaning, got my car washed, delivered meals on wheels, visited with Josephine, lunched with Amy, threw short ribs and a bottle of wine (plus a few other things) in the oven, drove to soccer, popped in on basketball, picked up milk, and am now waiting to pick up Brian from soccer.

M left work early and ran into Trader Joe's.  Scary.
But I do like any guy who brings me tulips.  There's just something about tulips in a pitcher on the table...move over apples!



  1. Can M bring (or send) me tulips?

  2. Mike should do BevMo. I hear they have buy one bottle of wine, get one for 5 cents. Me, I don't drink. =0P

  3. Holly, I don't drink either - unless you count Diet/Caffeine Free Coke! You can come have a "drink" with me and I'll fill you in all about Michele as a child!

  4. Mike sends me flowers at LEAST once a week.

    Is that wrong?


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