Sunday, September 7, 2008


This morning we got up really, really early and drove off into the gloom of the morning.  We drove and drove and drove for over an hour in a car that lately gets only 12 miles to the gallon.  
Alex did this.  So did Brian.  I wanted to, but someone had to drive the car that lately gets only 12 miles to the gallon.

I sang, loudly, pretty much the whole way.

We were in search of a church that we had heard would have awesome music...and we found it.


The choir had a fun retreat, sung for a church this morning and then loaded the buses for the ride back to school.  I stole my husband and along with Brian and Alex, we drove back towards their camp in the mountains...searching for apples.

The kind on the trees.
First, the kid with the blood sugar issues needed fuel...and fuel he got.  Let's see...he started with steak and eggs, hash browns, and the most ginormous pancake I have ever seen.

Ate every bite PLUS some of my lunch.  He kept talking about man food and starving and bring it on in between bites.  

Crazy kid.  
Off to the orchards.  No apple picking at the 1st, but they did have apple cider donuts.

Oh my.



2nd trees.

With apples on them!
We picked both galas and spartans (my fav!)...good thing Mr Saggypants could reach the top of the trees.  Brian talked to all the workers and told them all about lady bugs...I even learned something, too.
Brian really, really wanted to pick raspberries, so that was next.   It's slow work, especially when someone kept eating them, plus it was prickly...OUCH, but a really good lesson in how hard someone has to work in order to put food on our table.
In the end we had a flat...picked in 90 degree weather.  Without gloves.  In flip flops.

Hot and in need of a diet coke, we made a stop on the way home.
OK, so a 1/2 bushel looked so small in the orchard, but it's a bucket load of apples.  Like 80 some apples.  Applesauce, anyone?



  1. I was just thinking that I needed to go to Longrove and get some Cider Donuts!

  2. Xerxes, it's "Long Grove", and we had their cider donuts a few weeks ago. Had to stop on the way home from the ped's office. Aldi has their apple cider out now. Maybe Michele need cider, and to make an apple crisp.


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