Sunday, July 13, 2008


A little taste of our life right now...after next weekend, we get a few weeks off. Alex played 5 games this weekend and is playing really's fun to watch!

In between games yesterday, the basketball boys still had the energy to wrestle.

And have a nerf war. I am still finding 'bullets' all over the house.

Notice Brian in the headlock? Brotherly love.


This morning, we had a wonderfully lazy morning at home before heading out to late church, where we endured (I know...not polite, but so true) the longest sermon ever. OK, so maybe not the longest, but close.

Came home, flipped on that fancy schmancy new AC and cooked a turkey.

In July.

Brian was in heaven. I am so looking forward to that real turkey sandwich for lunch tomorrow...mmmm!

Matthew had yet another show...apparently, the super glue did not hold his shoe together the way he had hoped, so tomorrow we'll be scrambling to find a new pair of marching shoes. Right now, he and his dad are sitting on the couch registering him for classes...he leaves on tour on Wednesday and comes home for less than 2 weeks before he moves into his dorm.

So, we're not just packing for tour, but getting college ready, too.

And I'm not liking it.

Not a bit.

But we're not going to think about that just yet.



  1. What's under your bed, they look like pizza boxes!!??

  2. Boxes and boxes and boxes of hardwood flooring that we are probably not going to use. Want them? =0)

  3. Yes actually can you ship it out here?

  4. Better watch out, as she might ship you empty pizza boxes!


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