Saturday, July 5, 2008


Earlier today, we had back to back games...

...and my #5 (for 3 years) is now #24. And so happy. Our school is different in that they do not have a freshman team, so very few freshman make the team. This year they took 5, choosing from over a hundred boys who tried out.

It's s different style of play from his old team and he is loving every minute of it. The fun 5th grade, the 5 starters on the AllStar team from our city are the 5 boys who made the team. They haven't played together since that time, so in between games, one of the dads called the old coach, who came to watch 'his' boys play high school ball.


Yesterday, we drove to Pasadena to see this kid that I like so much.

And told him to wash his feet. Or his legs.


DCI fed the 5 corps a roast beef dinner...that's a complete roast beef dinner for 700 people. Matthew said it was amazing.

We ate the stuff this guy was cooking and it was pretty amazing, too. Especially the garlic fries, which I am pretty sure I still am tasting today.

Alex found his dream lemonade. And convinced us we all needed to have some, too.

I'm glad he did. It was HOT outside.

After we ate, we piled like cattle into the Rose Bowl. Seriously, there were like a bazillion hot, sweaty people trying to get in, only to discover that there were like 5 bazillion seats available.


Matthew's show is really fun this year and the Rose Bowl is a fun place to see it. Even if we were sweaty.

After the shows, the largest fireworks show west of Chicago began.

And yes, that is what they told us. Over and over.

It was pretty great and pretty loud.

OK, it was really loud.


So, now we are back to today.

I gardened.

And jumped for joy. Everything looks gorgeous.

I picked more of the spiciest radishes on the planet, which are mighty tasty with some ranch dressing. Probably cuts the nutritional value just a bit, but oh well. Supper tonight will be burgers on the grill and grilled corn on the cob. I have butter out for cookies...probably chocolate chip.

Matthew should arrive home around 6am...and then he has the day off to sleep. This whole week is going to be fun...his corps, which is based in a city 45 miles away, is practicing 2 miles away from our house. All week long.

M is so excited...he's got his sunscreen and his chair and will be camping out watching them practice. All day long. Old habits die hard.


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