Wednesday, July 9, 2008


There's a drum and bugle corps in my town, which means we've had a houseful.

MORE of a houseful.


Last night we had 17 extra for supper, but due to my need to re-brunette myself, there was no way I could cook and have it on the table by their 4:00 dinner break.

So, pizza to the rescue.

It's a pretty scraggly crew...must have something to do with standing on a football field for most of the day.

They smelled...lovely.


The fun part has been hanging out and watching the end of the day run through's. The instructors stand up here with their microphones and say 'do it again' over and over and over.

And over.

Lotsa bugles...they sound amazing.

THIS is what drum corps is all about...practicing on a field in the middle of nowhere while the sun is setting.

Their biggest complaint about being in our town is that they have to have PG practices. Normally, they wear very little shirts for the guys and teeny tiny tops for the girls. They work so hard and sweat so is not an attractive activity at all.

This week, the school they are practicing at has said they must all be fully clothed.

All day.

Matthew likes it the other way...less laundry. And no tan lines.


We've had extra bodies sleeping here and eating here and showering here. They are gone during the day and Alex's team moves in...the family room has become a huge x-box tournament.

LOUD x-box tournaments.

Oh, and they eat, too.

Brian has this week off from camp, so in between errands and basketball and drum corps and the pool, he is hanging in there.

SO, last night M and I escaped. We fed everyone, left Brian and Alex home and went to watch Matthew practice. Then, we went to Nick's.


Our table was waiting and we did something crazy...the restaurant closed, but we did not leave. We were able to sit and talk with everyone who works there while eating amazing food and drinking amazing wine.

We got out of there late and we were so not ready to go home. M was talking about driving all night long to a land far, far away...but decided on a movie instead.

We saw Hancock in a theatre with not a child in sight. Thankfully. Oh, and save your money and skip seeing this movie. Not worth it...but I did mention that there were NO children in sight?


I am now so sleepy today...not sure if it was the double cappuccino or the diet coke. Or both. I must be getting old. Sigh.

This morning it is kinda gloomy outside, so I spent some time in the quiet of my garden...and look what was waiting for me.

Tomatoes. Two very, very sweet tomatoes. And a rather gi-normous cucumber.

My zucchini isn't looking so much like a zucchini. Any guesses as to what it is?

And this momma was taking her babies for a walk to the lake. So sweet.


Today, Matthew has off. Alex has back to back practices and will be home this afternoon. There's laundry to be done and pesto to be made, as well as some banana bread with some pretty nasty looking bananas. Brian is bored, so we might go and see a movie or maybe we'll just watch one from home...I'd rather not pay money to take a nap.



  1. Pumpkin mabey?

    We have had a couple of Sand Hill Cranes wandering around behind our house. They are fun to look at but they scare the other birds!

  2. It's pumpkin. The flower on the left is a male flower, and the one on the right is a female flower. Only the female flowers will turn into pumpkins. To obtain more female flowers, use Miracle Grow. I have a few pumpkin plants growing in the backyard, but they haven't started flowing yet.


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