Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday, Monday

Matthew arrived home at around 9am yesterday morning from his mini tour, after sitting on broken down buses for half the night.

Surprisingly, he had a smile on his face.

He crashed while the rest of us went to church and after, stopped at In n Out, because Alex NEEDED a triple triple with animal fries to fuel him for an afternoon of games.


He had his very own cheering section...many of his old team mates and coaches came to see him play.  I did almost fall over when one coach started talking about college...ummmm, let's begin high school 1st, please.

Came home and cooked dinner while M and Brian went to play tennis, and then went outside for the annual 4th of July bbq.

Except we missed the 4th of July, so now it was the annual 6th of July ice cream social.   
Brian and Juli have been friends since they were knee high.


It is now Monday morning and I have been awake since 6am.  I've had a cup of tea, did my bible study, cleaned out the refrigerator...which was disgusting, started the laundry, and am now waiting for Holly to wake up and play scrabble with me on facebook.

OH...and this is my new very favorite thing.  Italian grapefruit soda...mmm!
Our plans for today are simple.  I am somewhat stuck at home waiting for the furnace people to come and tweak something or another with the new thermostat.  The one that I cannot even begin to figure out how to use.

M has to go into work today, Matthew has a 12 - 9pm rehearsal here in town and Alex has practice from 9-2pm.  Brian and I are going to have a lazy summer day!


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  1. Waiting for me to wake up?? You are funny! I was up WAY before that..I promise from now on I will knock everyone away from the computer right at 6 AM. You'd better be there and ready to Scrabble, mister. =0)


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