Friday, July 4, 2008


Happy 4th of July!

 Usually, we stay put in our little community...there is an early morning half marathon followed by a parade, complete with a firetruck and homemade floats and decorated bikes.   Our neighborhood then has a block party/bbq and the lagoon is turned into a carnival.  At night, we have our very own fireworks show sponsored by our association...which happens to be at the  end of my street.

It's a pretty perfect place to be.

We will be missing it all this year.  Matthew is performing at the Rose Bowl, so we're heading north to see him.  He actually left a few days ago...they've been performing all around SoCal, so I am excited to see him.

My favorite?

After the show tonight, they'll load their buses and drive through the night to northern CA, sleeping as they drive.  They'll get in, practice all day, perform tomorrow night, reload the buses and drive all night home.

To be young again.


Anyway, tonight is just an exhibition, plus a family and food festival, followed by the 'best fireworks in California.'


Gotta see that, right?

Our family vacation was supposed to be today/tonight.  One night in a hotel, but even that had to change as Alex (who is finally a jerseyed member of the team!) has early morning games tomorrow.

So no fun hotel.  Just an hour drive up and an hour drive back.

But, all my family will be together, at least for the few minutes when we meet up in the parking lot after the show.

I'll take what I can get.


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