Friday, July 18, 2008

A New Day

Pretty, pretty wall.
A boy, a sledge hammer and permission to hit.
(the permission part was important.)
Matthew, sorry about your room.  
Hellooooo kitchen!
Today, in between furnace inspections and duct tests and remodeling, M and I are on the hunt for the perfect door for the new pantry.  They can't frame it till we find it and they needed it, like, yesterday.

I have the door knob for it, though, which is very important.

So, if you happen to see an old, falling down farmhouse in the middle of Italy or France today....TODAY, would you mind grabbing a door, preferably with glass and peeling paint, and bringing it over?




  1. Take a new door and make it look old (as long as it's wood). Can use some crackle base, or some stain over sanded paint.

    If you need to really age it, take an unfinished door, some metal chains and whip the door to distress it. That will put all the dents to make it look old. You can then stain it over the dents, and the stain will fill in the holes. (I knew someone who did this to their hardwood floors.)

  2. Was that the Encyclopedia Britannica I saw in your book case? Why whould you have a print copy of THAT!!!!

  3. Harvard Classics, thankyouverymuch! =0)


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