Monday, July 21, 2008


Matthew is in Louisiana today...this was last nights texts:

Matthew: Hey, Mom. Don't worry if I don't answer any texts until next weeks laundry day.

Me: Why? Going somewhere? lol.

Matthew: Funny. I just need a break for a few days from real life.

Me: Real life?

Matthew: Yeah. I am a 4 yr vet mom. I will be fine. I want to completely become a part of my corps.

Me: Yeah. I get it. I am a 19 yr vet. Maybe I'll take a break too. I'll even have money to eat, because I won't need to pay for your cell phone while you are on your break. OK, sounds good. Call from a pay phone when you are ready for real life again.

Matthew: Love you mom. I'll text tomorrow night.

Me: Love you too. Drink lots of water. Talk to you tomorrow night.

Good, old fashioned bribery, with a load of guilt thrown in for good measure.

Nothing like being a mother.



  1. He's talking about a laundry day? He will do his own laundry? Maybe that's why he'll call home on laundry day - so he can ask how to do it!

  2. Ok, seriously, that's one of the best posts I've read in a long time. I love it!!!

  3. Sounds like he has watched too much Star Trek Next Gen -- We are Borg, The Borg are one, We will assimulate you!

    I miss 7 of 9!!!!!


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