Friday, June 20, 2008

One More

So, if you cut 6 inches of hair off...does that mean you grow another inch overnight and hit the 6 foot mark?

It does in our house.

Strange.  Very, very strange.

Also, the ability to dunk (a basketball players dream) is right around the corner.  Cuz he can see the rim now.


Boys....trouble x 5.



  1. So, does this mean if I come to your house, get 6 inches cut off my hair, will I grow to 6 foot tall?

    Andrew is still disappointed that Alex cut his hair. Matt, on the other hand, says Alex has a proper haircut. (can you tell my boys are opposite?) :)

  2. I'm in Andrew's camp, although he will change his tune when some GIRL comes along!

    BTW, I got up at 5:00 this morning Germany time and flew back to the states, it's now 7:00 am tomorrow in Germany. Does this mean my biological clock is totaly messed up now?


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