Sunday, June 29, 2008


One Italian girl.

Tons of German men.

And a wee little game of soccer.


My boys (minus Matthew, who had a show in Riverside today...and got very, very lost on the way, but we did add Uncle Greg) talked me into going to the Phoenix Club after church to watch the EuroCup finals.
The big boys on the 1st of a few rounds of very German beer.
More bread, anyone?
And HELLOOOO...butter, anyone?
Alex looking OLD.
The game was fun, especially in a room full of Germans, but Brian and I played some Uno.

Out back,  we found a beer hall...
...where M thinks his sons wedding receptions will be at.

The horsey smell comes free.

The official measurement is in...Alex is taller.
I must say, it was a very, very fun place to people watch and if you like sausage it was THE place to be.  There was some serious sausage happening in that between the saurkraut and spaetzle.  



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