Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This morning was the school musical with the boy who would not smile.

Not because he's grumpy, either.

The child has lost 5 teeth in the last WEEK, causing undo strain on the tooth fairy's wallet and a lack of chomping on Brian's part. Five teeth. In 1 week. I actually called the dentist today...all told, he's lost 8 teeth in the last few weeks and I wanted to make sure that is normal, because I don't remember the other boys shedding mouthfuls all at once.

But, he's normal. And the orthodontist cannot wait to get his hands on him.


After the musical, I spent some time in the cloudy sprinkly-ness watering my garden and talking it into perking up. The radishes are happy. So are the peppers. The tomatoes? Not so much and the eggplant is in serious need of therapy.

I mentioned the word therapy to M and he immediately whisked me off in his chariot to Maggiano's, where I grumbled until a plate of gnocchi was set down before me. Ahhhh...the joys of Italian food. Pasta always makes everything right in the world.

After, we strolled around Pier 1...which makes everything even more right in the world, and brought home a new member of our family.

Cute, huh?

Tonight the furnace people come and will hopefully tell us what we want to hear...that they will replace our whole system for the grand total of $19.95. If tonight's people can't do that, then maybe the guy coming tomorrow morning can.

OK, so I can dream.



  1. Why does one need a furnace in So Cal?

  2. Ryan did the SAME thing- a bizillion teeth in one week.......creepy
    did you get that french farm house table??????


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