Friday, June 6, 2008

Family Night

M walked in from an afternoon of meetings and said one word.

Just one.


So that's where we went, with all 3 boys in tow. I am so thankful for these times and while they were all incredibly grouchy when we got there, by the time Hector brought us food they were all laughing and smiling.

Makes for a happy momma.


Matthew brought along some light reading. Please direct all comments to him, thankyouverymuch.

And Me? I had my very favorite thing on the menu...tapenade.

Once home, we all sat and watched No Reservations and ate an amazing that's not easy to find way down here.

And now I am off to curl up with a bunch of magazines in my bed..Alex has practice on the other side of town at 10am, so we can sleep in a little bit!



  1. Yeah that title shoud read "The Audacity of Electing Someone Who is Going to Tax the Middle-class to Death!"

    So when does the engament happen?

  2. So I'd like to know...if I ever spontaneously show up at your house and say, "Nicks" does that mean that we get to go too? :D

    I'm excited for you that summer is almost here. Lagoon, here you come!Seems like a beautiful break to me.

  3. Or, if we call her on the phone and say "NICKS" does she automatically get in the car and drive there?


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